Invisible Books

is now closing its portals. After fifteen years or so, I no longer think a website such as this is the best way disseminate texts. One day very soon this site will wink out of existence.

I am now turning to videos, beginning with two series, one on Euclid and another on Dante. The printed matter here will eventually reappear in book form, either on Amazon or Archive.org.


thanks for visiting, and good luck in all your searches!


Jacob Rabinowitz




The Caligula of Taste
writings on art, design & aesthetics

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Elsie Schrotthaufen's Book of Wonders
Meryl Gross, featured artist of the Invisible Gallery, operates this ever expanding tour of hallucinatory pop culture and product nostalgia gone awry


Even Unto China
Translations from Chinese and Essays on Chinese culture.



Words and Music


The Circus of Dr. Jake
my published works, as free PDFs, or for sale in hard copy


Civil War